Weekly Service PLUS
  • 5 sanitize visits per month
  • 5 Dump&Scrubs per annual term
  • 4 Drain&Fills per annual term


Once Monthly
  • 1 sanitze cleaning per month
  • 1 Dump&Scrub per year


It's Not Just Showing Up & Looking
  • Test Chemical Levels
  • Adjust Water Level
  • Net/Vacuum Out Debris
  • Report To You The Status/Condition Of Tub(optional)
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Dump & Scrub

We Make Sure It Is Clean, Because We Clean It...
  • Pump Out All Dirty Water
  • Scrub Entire Shell & Cover Clean
  • Soak & Spray Clean The Filters
  • Add Fresh Lake Tahoe Water & Start Up Chemicals
  • Power Up Tub, Set Temperature & Make Sure Everything Works
Look @ Clean

All prices listed above are at the annual contract rate. Shorter contracts & pay-as-you-go are available.

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