The key to owning a hot tub is knowing when to do preventative maintenance. Even if you dont plan on using your tub all the time, it is extremly important.

  • Checking the chlorine, ph & alkalinity levels are standard practice.   Keep these in the safe zone or take a risk with bacteria.

  • Next up is jet & pump functionality.   These are the things that make your tub work correctly  –  they need love & attention, too.

  • Don’t forget about the cover!   Without a cover, you will spend thousands more on heating your tub  –  let’s make sure it covers you.

  • Headrests, lights & all other non-essential items stay top of mind as well  –  luxury features are only luxury if they work.

Pay As You Go

Only Need Us Once In Awhile
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

All Plans Are Billed Monthly

Payment Is Due In Advance
  • Test Water Chemical Levels – Adjust Chemical Levels As Needed

  • Add Bromine/Chlorine to the Floater (if applicable)

  • Check Mineral Stick (if applicable)

  • Check Water Level – Adjust, Fill or Decrease as Needed

  • Net & Vacuum Out All Dirt/Sand & Other Debris

  • Ensure All Jets Can Open & Close Normally – Test Hot Tub Overall Functionality

  • Check All Headrests & Other Removable Features – Note Any Missing/Damaged Headrests or Features

  • Send You a Report of Everything We Found at Your Hot Tub

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